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At Vapor Delight we pride ourselves not only on our fun atmosphere but our ability to supply amazing products that our customers can rely on. From the flavorful e-juices to the high quality electronic cigarettes, our customers know they can get the best from us! E-juices by Five Pawns are hand-made in California with all-natural ingredients sourced both domestically and locally. Halcyon makes all original flavors created by their team. They have gone through much trial and error to make sure they provide the best e-juices. One of our favorite e-liquid manufacturers is Vape Goddess, a team of women who are striving to change the industry with their artistic approach to producing great flavors. We also offer liquids by Good Life Vapor, they are known for their signature blends like Melon Boba and El Kamino. If you choose to sample Flavorz by Joe you will be able to taste e-juices like Poppa Smurf and Elvis. The ProVari V2 is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market! You are able to change the voltage with a press of a button to conserve battery power allowing the device to last longer and giving you the chance to save money. Other available electronic cigarettes include the Nemesis mechanical mod which is handmade in Greece and comes in a few different finishes. Come check out Vapor Delight today, located in the heart of Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd, where you can lounge with friends and learn more about how the electronic cigarettes could change your life for the better! You can also check out some of products at !

Introducing The ProVari V2 E-Cig Available At Vapor Delight!

We Offer a variety of e-cigs at Vapor Delight, but out newest edition is the amazing ProVari V2 E-cig and the Provari V2 Mini . The ProVari V2 uses modern technology which allows you to choose your settings for the atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. You are able to control your voltage using a button. Select the voltage is easy with a two-digit display located at the top, front of your e-cig. Whereas other e-cigs have weak vapor as the battery begins to drain, the ProVari V2 allows you to have consistent vapor throughout the day since you have the ability to control your settings. The ProVari's special features include an on/off mode, a 16 second cutoff meaning if you forget to turn off your e-cig it will automatically turn off after 16 seconds, a reverse battery protection, and battery monitoring. Vape in style with the new ProVari V2. Come into Vapor Delight today, these electronic cigarettes will fly off the shelves!

Come Relax At Our Customized Vapor Bar & Luxury Lounge!

At Vapor Delight we offer customers a unique, interactive experience, not only do we sell the best in vaporizers and e-liquids, but our vapor bar and lounge is the only one of its kind in the LA area. Our customized bar has been designed so that you can sample over 100 flavors of the highest quality e-liquids. It is a place where you can take your time sampling and shopping. Choosing an e-liquid isn’t easy, it’s really about finding the perfect match for your taste buds. Ordering e-liquids online is slightly cheaper, but often times ends up being a complete waste of money since you do not have the opportunity to sample the flavors. Our vapor bar system is the very best way for you to go about purchasing your e-liquids. Upon arrival you will be given a menu, you will choose the flavors you want to sample and rate them by filling out a sheet of paper giving the e-liquids 1-4 stars. This method will allow us to get an accurate consensus of what people like and dislike. We will keep a large inventory of the e-liquids that people favor and eliminate the ones people disapprove of. It is our goal to make sure that our customer’s needs are being met and that we are fully stocked with the product they desire. Once you choose your flavor you are able to purchase as much or as little as 5ml at a time, if you to decide to buy 30ml, you will receive a free drip tip of your color choice! The bar was created using custom-made glass and luxury stainless steel, which acts as the bar’s edging. LED lights were added to give the space that “wow” factor, customers will feel as though they walked into a sophisticated, sexy members only lounge. Another added feature is the “LEM” chairs designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi. Our luxury lounge showcases designer furniture including Barcelona chairs by Mies van de Rohe, tables by Eileen Gray and sofas from le Corbusier. A second floor is currently being built and will act as a VIP lounge. At 1300 sq. feet our chic Santa Monica spot is a place where customers can relax, feel comfortable and meet before heading out for a night on the town!


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