Atlantis Tank

Aspire has always been known in the clearo market as the ugly step child behind Kanger, and most people thought it would stay that way. Much like the iClear 30s, the Mini Nova and BDC clearos just couldn’t stand up to Kangers Pro-Tank and Aerotank series, even with the many flaws with the Aerotank and leaking. But then came the BVC coils and the Nautilus. The Nautilus is a sexy looking clearo that is able to match Kanger in style, but the real surprise came in the BVC coil. It destroyed the Kanger dual bottom coil away in flavor, and is still considered by many in the industry as the go to for both beginner and more seasoned vapers looking for an easy to use, limited leaking tank. With the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini, Aspire pulled away from Kanger in many people’s minds, including mine. After making the jump to RTA and then RDAs, I can barely get much of any flavor from most clearos I have tried, but the Nautilus Mini was different. What they did right was it was a vertical coil (as in Bottom Vertical Coil, or BVC), they added larger holes for wicking (it handles heavier VG juice amazingly), and made the coil open up to chimney directly with a mesh to prevent juice spit back. All in all these redesigns made huge improvements on flavor and vapor production. But Aspire couldn’t stop there, they decided to come after the cloud chasing market, and they seemed to have succeeded with the RD excuse me I mean the clearo tank, the Aspire Atlantis.


The Atlantis looks like an RTA when you first look at it. Featuring a 2ml tank with a Pyrex tank, a wider bore drip tip, and a locking ring style airflow control, it screams RTA, except when you take it apart you are met with an odd design and a giant pre-built bottom vertical coil. They are calling the new coil the Sub Ohm Coil, and it is a big jump from the standard BVC you saw in the Nautilus line. First the biggest change is the ohms. The Sub Ohm Coil comes standard at 0.5 ohm resistance. 0.5 ohm is a low, low resistance for an RTA, let alone a clearo, but with that low of ohms come issues. First you have to have great wicking; the Sub Ohm Coil achieves that with 4 very large wicking holes one across from the other that allow great wicking, but also aren’t too big to have massive leaking (in fact mine as not leaked on me yet). Next you have to have great airflow; The Sub Ohm Coil and the Atlantis does this with a locking ring airflow that has 4 options from a larger than standard hole to a giant Cyclops hole, the coil itself is larger, and has a huge opening to the chimney, which allows for more air to be pulled up to the vaper. The Atlantis and the new Sub Ohm Coil really are something to behold. So let’s move on to the parts of the tank and how everything comes together.

Atlantis Tank


The tank comes in three sections. The top section contains your top cap, chimney, and 510 drip tip. The middle section is a Pyrex tank. The bottom is has the coil base and 510 connector. The glass section is held together by the top and bottom section and secured by two large o-rings. The 510 connection is non-adjustable, but does have smooth threads and isn’t very prominent and seems to fit flush on the devices I have tried. The AFC on the bottom section is operated by clicking to 4 different sized holes, the smallest is similar to a single hole RTA and the largest is comparable to a Tugboat RDA set wide open. The pre-built Sub Ohm Coil screws into your coil base, and the top section screws into your chimney. The chimney itself features 4 “teeth” which can be used to block or open flow to the wicking holes on the Sub Ohm coil, and can be used to provide tension so you can fill the tank up a little bit more than what you think can. The tank itself hold 2 ml of e-liquid and with it being Pyrex, it can take all types of e-liquid without a worry about cracking. The packing is a plastic case, with the Atlantis sitting on in a container. Underneath the container you will find a replacement coil and a replacement Pyrex tank. The 510 drip tip is a wide bore drip tip, and if you like you can remove it and exchange it with your own drip tip, which can allow for more reduced flow, which can help with flavor, or more open flow for more clouds. The coil head itself looks a lot like the BVC coil from the Nautilus line, except on steroids. It is massive, and not something I have ever seen before. The coil head features four 3mm wide holes for wicking, a stainless steel mess on top of the coil to prevent splash back, and has the same bottom style positive connector that we saw with the standard BVC.

Atlantis tank broken down



The Atlantis is as close an RDA without being an RDA I have seen. It will produces clouds. Lots of them. In fact when comparing the production of it to a Holmes RDA, it even beats it at the same wattage and ohms. It rivals new RTAs, and when it comes to clearos, it’s not even close. In fact it is so far ahead of other clearos, it shouldn’t even be in the same league. This thing is seriously an RDA in a tank. But now when it comes to flavor it is lacking. Even when comparing it to a CLT v2, which is in no means a flavor chasing RDA, it has a much muted flavor. Now a lot of that comes from the fact that I was vaping on 70 VG/30 PG or higher juices, and it may be better with lower VG juices, but if you want publish that you are coming for the RDA market and trying to push your way in to the cloud market, then you have to be able to produce and wick at higher VG juices. The Atlantis does wick fantastically, I had no problems with it wicking. The only time I started to see problems were when it didn’t sit for long enough (I usually leave it sit for at least 10 minutes) or when I took longer than normal draws (6-7 seconds), but even then it did keep up better than I expected. One thing I did notice, and you have to be careful of when you first put this together, make sure that when you screw everything together that the teeth on the chimney are not blocking the wick holes. I did not and learned the hard way that the wicking material used in the coil head is not very tasteful when dry hit.


The Atlantis is something amazing, and is a game changer in the clearo tank market. The vapor production is off the charts, and really does rival some RDAs. Although the flavor can be somewhat lacking, it is not by any means flavorless, and is something I could see myself vaping on throughout the day. The biggest con is easily the 2 ml tank. Why they didn’t go for a bigger tank is beyond me. 2 ml last me between 2 ½ hours and 30 minutes mattering how I vape, and that defeats the purpose of a tank for me. Why would I go through refilling it every so often when I do the same thing with my RDA and have better flavor and more clouds? But that con is subjective and you may be able to get half a day out of the device, and so your mileage may vary. All in all this device is beyond amazing, and is easily my go to for on the road vape. So go out and get one yourself and see how it works for you.

Vapor Delight carries the Aspire Atlantis tank in shop only. If you’re in the Los Angeles area stop by our vapor bar and lounge and try it out for yourself and see how it compares to other tanks! 1855-A Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404