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Vaporizers Los Angeles

What is an Electronic Cigarette? Experts at Vapor Delight Weigh-In

The term “Ecigs” has grown in popularity over the past two or three years, but plenty of consumers are still unsure what the term means. According to a local retailer, Vapor Delight, their first-time customers often come in not quite sure what the product does. An ecig or electronic cigarette is an electronic inhaler that takes a liquid solution and vaporizes it into an aerosol mist. When you put this to your mouth an inhale, it is much like inhaling from a real cigarette – only these give you the option to smoke without tobacco.

With an electronic vapor cigarette, you have the option of controlling how much nicotine you receive or if you want to receive none. These have been especially helpful for individuals  living in the Los Angeles area. Ecig retailers, like Vapor Delight, carry these imitation cigarette products in a variety of flavors to help individuals quit smoking or just use a tobacco alternative.

History of the Electronic Cigarette
The ecig first made its appearance in China in 2003. Developed by a 52-year old pharmacist, this product quickly revolutionized into a world-known product. For a few years, dealing with the Food and Drug Administration regarding these cigarettes was rough. The FDA had valid concerns, especially with the complaints filed regarding these cigarettes and their potentially harmful chemicals released during the smoking process. But, like all good inventions, this one just had to learn from its mistakes and move forward.

The e-cigarette made a comeback in 2010 after the U.S. Court of Appeals determined that ecigs should be regulated just like tobacco products, which means they were allowed back into the United States. In fact, in 2011 it was determined that an electronic cigarette could actually help smokers quit using real cigarettes.

What is an E Cigarette and Why Are they Regulated?
The reason for the increased regulation by government authorities over the past few years is due to international e-cigarettes hitting the market. Since some cigarette companies offer varying levels of nicotine – regardless of what they label their cigarettes to have – it has caused a few quality control issues. Some countries are label ecigs as medical devices, which also leads to tighter regulations.