We Offer a variety of e-cigs at Vapor Delight, but out newest edition is the amazing ProVari V2 E-cig and the Provari V2 Mini. The ProVari V2 uses modern technology which allows you to choose your settings for the atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid. You are able to control your voltage using a button. Select the voltage is easy with a two-digit display located at the top, front of your e-cig.  Whereas other e-cigs have weak vapor as the battery begins to drain, the ProVari V2 allows you to have consistent vapor throughout the day since you have the ability to control your settings. The ProVari’s special features include an on/off mode, a 16 second cutoff meaning if you forget to turn off your e-cig it will automatically turn off after 16 seconds, a reverse battery protection, and battery monitoring. Vape in style with the new ProVari V2.

Provari V2
ProVari V2

Come into Vapor Delight today, these electronic cigarettes will fly off the shelves!