Are you thinking about switching from to traditional cigarettes to electronic? Did you just purchase your first vaporizer and are curious as to how you should begin? If you answered yes to the above questions and are looking forward to getting the most out of your electronic cigarette you should follow this guide!


First things First, as a beginner you should start off with a ‘starter kit’.  Make sure you purchase this and other e-cig type items from a legitimate and reputable shop like ours. Your starter kit will typically come with the electronic cigarette, an e-liquid and/or cartridges, and chargers. Next, you will want to be aware of the batteries for your electronic cigarette. The longer the battery lasts the more you will get out of your e-cig. Purchasing a starter kit that comes with two chargers is a smart choice, the e-cigs with two batteries tend to last all day! Finally, make sure to sample plenty of e-liquids before leaving our shop, once you have selected a few e-liquids that you like, my recommendation is that you should stock up. It is sometimes difficult for people to come across a good e-liquid that they like, so when you do, it is always wise to buy in bulk! Take good care of  your e-cig!  Be sure to clean it properly and never charge the battery in tight corders or a hot area as the battery will become damaged and will no longer work. The most important thing you need to remember about your electronic cigarette is to have fun with it, use it responsibly and educate others on why they should make the switch!