Ever wonder how the amazing and wonderful electronic cigarette came about? At Vapor Delight we like to give you all the facts, here is a history lesson on the e-cig!

history of ecig

2003 – Developed by Hon Lik of China who patented his invention during this same year

2006 – Introduced to the U.S. and European markets, manufacturers during this time marketed the e-cig as a tobacco product in order to gain regulation from the government.

2013 – Vapor Delight opens in Santa Monica, CA! As pioneers in the electronic cigarette industry we ventured out to create a small business based on the e-cigarettes. Our Vapor Bar and Luxury Lounge is the first of its kind in Los Angeles. A spot where friends can congregate, smokers can begin to learn more about the benefits of vaporizers and  everyone can enjoy samples of a variety of e-liquids.