Have you ever wondered how much money you would save if you quit smoking and started vaping?  Welcome to Vapenomics 101, brought to you by the savvy team at Vapor Delight!

Here’s the math:

The average 20 a day smoker spends about $45 a week on cigarettes ($2,374/per year). An average vaper spends about $8 a week. [Calculate how much your smoking habit costs you here.]

I recently started vaping. I did have to first buy my vaporizer, but since then, there have been very few additional costs. My vaporizer’s battery is rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon. All I have to do is replace my delicious e-liquid and the vaporizer’s coils from time to time.

One large (30ml) bottle of e-liquid costs $24.50 and lasts me about a month! Granted, some people may vape more than others but even if you used two 30ml bottles per month you would still only be spending $49/month.

The coils I am referring to are the little coils inside the vaporizer pen that heat up the e-liquid to create the vapor. These little coils only cost $2-$3 and require a quick change every week or so. (It’s easy to do…if you can change the batteries in a flashlight, you can change the coil in your vape pen!)

One of Vapor Delight’s most popular starter kits includes 2 vaporizer pens, 5 extra replacement coils, and a battery charger–all for $66, add to that the cost of replacing the coils (approx $8/month) and providing for 30ml/month consumption of e-liquid you get…

Cost per year to vape:



Cost per year to smoke:



That means that by switching to vaping you could be saving almost $2,000 per year! Holy Smokes! How much is smoking costing/vaping saving you per year? Tell us in your comments. 


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