cotton wicks

A lot of people in the shop have been asking about the dangers/problems involved in using cotton wicks for their vaping set up.

The reason why don’t recommend that vapers use cotton wicks are:

1. Most vapers don’t realize that when you first use a new cotton wick you have to make sure that your eliquid absorbs or “wicks” all the way through the fibers. If the wick isn’t completely soaked through with eliquid then the cotton will burn when you start vaping and you will be inhaling carcinogens.


2. Cotton is a very fiberous and so you may be inhaling lots of small cotton fibers when vaping with cotton wicks. That doesn’t really give you the smoothest vaping experience.

You can avoid these problems by sticking with silica and EkoWool wicks for your set up!

Vape on vapers!