Okay Vapers, time to get scientific about our ecigs! Our team created this Voltage/Resistance Power Chart in order to help you understand your electronic cigarette and its use better.

Have you ever experienced problems of burnt taste while trying to vape, or your coil/atomizer not lasting you more than a few days? Maybe your atomizer or tank is gurgling or flooding. Most of these issues are due to improper volting in your device. Each coil/atomizer is built at a certain Ohm level (Resistance), each resistance has its own voltage range which you can play around with to find your sweet spot.

It’s best to avoid over-volting. If you were to go outside of that voltage range your coil or atomizer may taste burnt and kill flavor. Some people choose to over-volt because they prefer that experience, but most want to maximize flavor and vapor.

If you are experiencing issues with your atomizer or tank maybe becoming flooded or hearing a gurgling sound. A reason for that could be under-volting, meaning that you are not giving your atomizer enough voltage to vaporize the liquid in your tank fast enough while it just keeps absorbing liquid causing your atomizer or tank to flood. Check your atomizer resistance and refer to the chart to find the proper voltage range.

Should you have any technical questions about your ecig our experts at Vapor Delight are here to help you!

Our email is info@vapordelight.com