At Vapor Delight we pride ourselves not only on our fun atmosphere but our ability to supply amazing products that our customers can rely on. From the flavorful e-juices to the high quality electronic cigarettes, our customers know they can get the best from us! E-juices by Five Pawns are hand-made in California with all-natural ingredients sourced both domestically and locally. Halcyon makes all original flavors created by their team. They have gone through much trial and error to make sure they provide the best e-juices. One of our favorite e-liquid manufacturers is Vape Goddess, a team of women who are striving to change the industry with their  artistic approach to producing great flavors.  We also offer liquids by Good Life Vapor, they are known for their signature blends  like Melon Boba and El Kamino. If you choose to sample Flavorz by Joe you will be able to taste e-juices like Poppa Smurf and Elvis.

The ProVari V2 is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market! You are able to change the voltage with a press of a button to conserve battery power allowing the device to last longer and giving you the chance to save money.  Other available electronic cigarettes include the Nemesis mechanical mod which is handmade in Greece and comes in a few different finishes.

Come check out Vapor Delight today, located in the heart of Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd, where you can lounge with friends and learn more about how the electronic cigarettes could change your life for the better!

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