E-Cigarette Benefits

There is a mile long list of medically proven health hazards associated with tobacco and smoking and the counting death toll is immense.

• Smoker’s Cough. The first thing many smoker’s report noticing after switching to “vaping” (using an e-cigarette) is that the persistent cough disappears. The hideous ritual of hocking up phlegm and ravaging your throat every morning finally comes to an end. This is because the cacophony of toxins present in cigarette smoke damages the back of your throat, leading to a build-up of mucus.
Sense of Taste. Any smoke will tell you that the difference between you sense of taste after quitting changes dramatically. And according to a medical research article posted on WebMD “Smoking can affect the shape of taste buds and also affect vascularization, or the formation of blood vessels.”. And according to Dr. Oz your taste buds are sensitive structures and smoker who quit the habit often report a welcome change, food taste better and taste buds begin to work better.

Difficulty Breathing. To no surprise, the load of carcinogens and toxins in tobacco cigarettes cause your lungs difficulty breathing. Specifically, hydrogen cyanide prevents your lungs from clearing themselves in the way nature intended. Swelling is also caused by these toxins, which constricts the flow of air.

Circulation. Carbon monoxide is one of the most harmful substances contained in cigarettes, and it creates immense problems by stealing the place of oxygen within the blood. When it binds to you body’s hemoglobin it will not allow proper amounts of oxygen to get to your vital organs.

E-Cigarettes & Financial Benefits

Cheaper than Cigarettes. Cigarettes depending on the state and taxes levied on tobacco can range from $4.00 to $12.00 for a pack of 20. That means if you smoke a pack or like some, 3 packs you can be paying up to $36.00 a day! That’s nearly $12,000 a year! E-cigarettes kits on the other hand start with a onetime purchase from $40 to $60 and from there the savings begin. A bottle of E-liquid will range around $10 and can last you anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on you frequency. That’s less than $1.00 a day.
Health and Life Insurance. The number one questioned asked by life and health insurance is: Are you a smoker? Based on how you answer, you premiums may not only skyrocket but you may easily be denied. Smoking is preventable cause of death, especially the insurance companies.

E-Cigarettes and Social benefits

Nasty Smell. No more dirty looks and lengthy lectures as to why not only you should not smoke around people but why you should quit for your own good. Your friends, loved ones and even your clothes and furniture will thank you for not
Ash Free. Dirty smelly ash trays, holes in clothes and furniture are just the many benefits to no smoking. You can take a puff of an E-cig and swiftly place it back in your pocket, no smell no mess.
Cigarettes Burns. Ever been in a tight space and someone burnt you with a cigarette? Or worse you burn someone else? No longer the case if you are using an electronic cigarette.