Disclaimer: All of the studies listed below are independent from manufacturers and retailers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, and of the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. Vapor Delight is in no way affiliated or associated with any of these studies, we just support the betterment of understanding electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Health Survey

Researchers at Penn State University are looking for current electronic cigarette users to help them improve the understanding electronic cigarettes and their effects on health. Professor J Foulds is a partner in this study, and is recognized as being sympathetic to the electronic cigarette community’s aims at better understanding electronic cigarettes. Users may participate in the online study anonymously. Please take a few minutes to help out and support their research so we can all benefit from their health findings.

Click on the following link to participate in this online study.




Questionnaire for Electronic Cigarette Users

Dr. Jean-Francois Etter, who is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Dr. Thomas Eissenberg, who is a Professor of psychology and director of the Clinical Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia are looking for current electronic cigarette users to participate in a survey to better understand who users of electronic cigarettes are and how they use electronic cigarettes. The aim of this study is purely scientific and will not be used for any other purposes.

Dr. Jean-Francois Etter is in charge of the stop-tabac.ch website which is aimed at helping individuals to quit smoking and is also the author of numerous scientific publications.

This study is conducted by researchers at the Univerity of Geneva, it is funded by the Swiss Tobacco Prevention Fund (an agency of the Swiss Government)
To participate in this study please click on the link below: