Electronic cigarettes come in expansive array of shapes and sizes. Most electronic cigarettes, no matter the shape or size of the device, are comprised of three components; a battery, atomizer and a cartridge.  These components are illustrated in the picture below:

E-Cig components
Electronic Cigarette Components

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The cartridge of an electronic cigarette contains a absorbent material, either silica wicks or polyfill, which absorbs the e-liquid and feeds the e-liquid to the atomizer.

In many models like the 901, 510 and eGo (which uses a 510 atomizer and a cartridge) you may find the cartridge and mouthpiece are fixed together.

Some people prefer using a different method of vaping on their electronic cigarette. Instead of using a cartridge to feed the e-liquid to the atomizer, people use the “drip” method, where the electronic cigarette user would drip the e-liquid directly onto an exposed wick in the atomizer. Some people may call the mouth pieces of the cartridge a “drip tip” which was termed because of the drip method, where people drip their e-liquids through their mouth pieces onto the exposed atomizer wick.

The atomizer (sometimes referred to as an atty) is the most important component in an electronic cigarette. The atomizer is what takes the e-liquid from the cartridge or tank and transforms the e-liquid into vapor by heating up the e-liquid, which was absorbed from the tank or cartridge.  Nothing is burnt; the atomizer merely boils the e-liquid where the end reaction is the vapor that is inhaled.

There are two types of atomizer tanks, bottom coil tanks and top coil tanks.
An example of a bottom coil atomizer tank is the Kanger Protank, as you can see in the diagram above. The coil is located on the bottom of the tank allowing the tank to draw eliquid without the need of tipping the tank to keep the coil wicks wet with eliquid. Having a bottom feeding tank gives a cooler vape as the vapor travels a longer distance to your mouth as you are inhaling.
An example of a top coil tank is the Vivi Nova tank, also seen in the diagram above. The coil is located at the top of the tank and has longer wicks hanging down to absorb eliquid into the coil. Having the coil at the top of the tank gives a warmer vape because the vapor travels a shorter distance from where it is vaporized.

An important factor in an atomizer’s performance is its resistance, which is measured in ohms. The lower the atomizer’s resistance, on an electronic cigarette, the greater the intensity of the vape. Each resistance requires a certain voltage for optimal performance. For a guide on atomizer resistances and perfect voltage range, refer to this helpful guide we have created to help you better understand your electronic cigarette.  Click here to find the Voltage/Resistance Guide